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  • March, 2017--Signature/ France Musique released Levick's REMNANTS OF SYMMETRY performed by the DIOTIMA String Quartet, pianist, Wilhem Latchoumia, bass baritone, Nicholas Isherwood, and percussionists, Florent Jodelet and Daniel Ciampolini. Release in the US and the UK is set for January, 2018.

  • Of HEAR NOW, 2017--Mark Swed, LA Times music critic, attended HEAR NOW 2017, praised the 'inventive ensemble work' the variety in the compositions and the festival's resident and founding string quartet, the Lyris, calling them the 'latest in a string of great L.A. quartets'.
    - See the full review!

  • ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS for String Quartet, Fake Weather and Lies -- Commissioned by the ENVIRONMENT MAZE Project and the Eric Stokes Fund, will be a 'concerto grosso' for string quartet in which pre-recorded extreme weather samples play the role traditionally assumed by the orchestra in a concerto. It will be premiered at HEAR NOW 2018 by the Lyris Quartet.

  • To be premiered during the 2018-2019 season, UPRISINGS for the DIOTIMA String Quartet, a piece in three movements, the names and sense of which are taken from Walter Benjamin's convolute N in "The Arcades Project":
    Movement 1--Catastrophe - to have missed the opportunity; Movement 2--Critical moment - the status quo threatens to be preserved; Movement 3--Progress - the first revolutionary measure taken.

  • To be premiered during the 2017-2018 season, ADIEUX for the Zodiac Trio is based on the movement of separation, on parts losing their connection to the whole, on figures and fragments moving away from one another. ADIEUX is a saying goodbye to what has been. ADIEUX is a story of refugees forced to leave their homes, forced to wander without official identities, to exist without existing.

  • February 2017--During their west coast tour the DIOTIMA String Quartet will give the US premiere of 'SAXOPHONE for string quartet' as part of the Jacaranda Series in Santa Monica, CA.

  • April 2017--Release of new CD, REMNANTS OF SYMMETRY, by Signature Records (Radio France Musique) with the DIOTIMA String Quartet, Wilhem Latchoumia, Nicholas Isherwood, Florent Jodelet and Daniel Ciampolini

  • April 2017--The Virtual Reality component of ENVIRONMENT / MAZE , an installation created in collaboration with Ben Perrone, will be presented as part of the M.A.R.S. festival in Los Angeles.

  • April 2017--Originally created by Levick in 2011, the seventh annual HEAR NOW Festival will take place April 28th, 29th and 30th in Los Angeles. Funded by the NEA, the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, the festival concerts will be repeated on the weekend of May 5th at the Los Angeles City College, UC Chapman,and USC Dominguez Hills.

  • April 2017--Commissioned by Andrea Cockrum, Fariba Ghaffari , Cecilia Tsan and anonymous donors, THE MESSIAH, a solo for speaking cellist—text and music by Levick—will have its world premiere as part of the HEAR NOW Festival.

  • July 2017--At Artpark, outside of Buffalo, NY, a 'pilot' version of ENVIRONMENT / MAZE will be built and presented to the public.

  • July 2018--The integral version of ENVIRONMENT / MAZE will be presented to the public at Artpark, outside of Buffalo, NY.

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